alan moore: portrait book and strangehaven #15 updates

cover photo by Piet Corr

Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman from Abiogenesis Press shipped on 21 May to arrive in comic stores on 28th May.
In a modification to its previously announced specifications, the book will now run to a mammoth 352 pages containing contributions from 145 writers, artists and cartoonists from across the world of comics. For more information, including an updated contributor and content list, simply click on the follwing links:

original news story - art previews - full press release - updated contributor list

Strangehaven #15, the latest installment of the long running supernatural soap opera will ship on the same day, also to arrive in stores by 28th May 2003. For more details, check out the next issue preview.

[posted 1 May 2003: revised 31 May 2003]

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